OutBack Power Debuts The FLEXmax 80 Charge Controller


OutBack Power Systems Inc., the Arlington, Wash.-based manufacturer of power electronics products, is now offering the FLEXmax 80 Charge Controller.

The FLEXmax 80 utilizes continuous and active Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology ensuring optimum performance and up to a 30% increase in power production. The FLEXmax 80 includes enhanced cooling, allowing it to operate at its full 80 amp rating in ambient temperatures of 104o F (40o C) without de-rating.

‘We're excited about the newest addition to our MPPT Charge Controller line,’ says Bryan Thomas, product manager. ‘Our new advanced and continuous MPPT charging algorithm is just one of the revolutionary features we have included in the FLEXmax 80. It also has fully integrated OutBack network capabilities to ensure seamless integration into an advanced power system.’

The FLEXmax 80 has a DC input range of up to 150VDC and 80 amp DC output current rating. FLEXmax 80 is compatible with 12 VDC to 60 VDC systems, allowing for flexibility in both wiring as well as solar array sizing.

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