OutBack Power Unveils Radian Inverters With Energy Balancing And Advanced Battery Compatibility


OutBack Power Technologies Inc. has added three systems to its Radian family of inverters with its GridZero energy balancing technology. The new Radians and a fourth existing Radian, all designed for global markets, now also feature advanced battery charge profiles for compatibility with lithium-ion and other advanced battery chemistries, as well as lead-acid.

The new Radians include the 8 kW GS8048A and 4 kW GS4048A inverters designed for North, Central and South American markets, as well as the 3.5 kW GS3548E inverter for Europe, Asia and other global markets.

OutBack says GridZero functionality ensures that users can store solar and other renewable energy for future use and prioritize consumption, using it when needed to meet surges and spikes in demand. OutBack's advanced battery charge profile incorporates charger settings for lithium-ion, aqueous-ion, flow, fuel-cell and other battery types now reaching the market.

All models support AC coupling through a compatible OutBack Power load center to provide a path for upgrading or retrofitting existing grid-tied systems with energy storage capability.

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