P2i Teams With Energy Launch Partners For Solar Market Entry


P2i, a developer of liquid-repellent nano-coating technology, has entered into a partnership with Energy Launch Partners, a technology-launch and commercialization specialist, to develop its proposition for the solar energy sector.

P2i's plasma process dramatically reduces the surface energy of a material so that when liquids come into contact with it, they form beads and simply roll off, the company explains. When applied to solar cells, P2i's multi-patented technology can prevent water, frost and dirt from forming on the surface, radically improving performance, according to P2i.

The technology has the potential to extend the range of environments in which solar cell arrays can be deployed, according to P2i. The nanometer-thin polymer coating is applied in a vacuum chamber using a special pulsed ionised gas. It is molecularly bound to the entire product surface.


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