Pacific Power, Mitsubishi Complete 1 MW Photovoltaic Installation


Pacific Power Management, using more than 5,500 photovoltaic modules from Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA Inc., has completed a 1 MW solar electric system at Far West Rice Mills in Nelson, Calif.

The system is expected to deliver 1.44 million kWh a year – approximately 70% to 80% of the plant's total energy needs, the companies say.

‘We are pleased that Mitsubishi Electric PV technology was chosen for this major agricultural installation,’ says Gina Heng, director of sales and marketing for Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA's photovoltaic division. ‘Agribusiness shares our concern about the rising cost of energy, and solar can help provide predictable energy costs over the long term.’

SOURCE: Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA

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