Panasonic Brings PV Module HIT Product Range To North America


Panasonic Eco Solutions Co. says it will make its high-efficiency PV module HIT product range available in the North American residential market, beginning this month. The company says it will also introduce its extended product warranty.

"North America is one of the fastest-growing markets for renewable energy in the world, and solar is expected to drive a significant percentage of that growth over the next several years," says Dan Silver, president of Panasonic's North American division.

The following are features and advantages of Panasonic's HIT product:

  • Silicone heterojunction solar cell – Panasonic's original silicone heterojunction cell helps minimize loss of electrons and maximize the cell's output;
  • Original pyramid structure – Whereas the rough surface of other panels reflects sunlight, Panasonic's pyramid structure helps the cell surface absorb more sunlight;
  • High-efficiency performance at high temperatures – The patented property of the panel's amorphous silicon layer in each solar cell enables Panasonic HIT to be efficient and maintain high output even at high temperatures;
  • Water drainage – Rain water is drained off the panel surface to avoid water accumulation and water stains after drying, even in low-angle installations;
  • High testing standards – Panasonic's testing criteria claims to be more exhaustive than industry standards.
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