Panasonic Sets World Record For Conversion Efficiency By 1.0%


Panasonic Corp. has achieved a PV module conversion efficiency of 23.8% at research level – a significant improvement from the previous world record for crystalline silicon-based PV modules.

According to the company, this breaks the world record for the highest conversion efficiency by a full percentage point, as the prior record was set at 22.8%.

In April 2014, Panasonic announced a world’s highest conversion efficiency of 25.6% in its silicon heterojunction cells. Now, with this latest accomplishment, Panasonic says it holds the world record of conversion efficiency for both crystalline silicon-based solar cells and modules.

The company explains that this new record was achieved by further developing its proprietary heterojunction technology for high-efficiency solar cells and modules adopting a back-contact solar cell structure.

Panasonic will continue to develop its PV module HIT to realize higher efficiency, higher reliability, lower costs and to work toward mass production.

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