PanelClaw Notes ETL Listing, Adds Approved PV Modules


PanelClaw, a provider of mounting systems, says all of its products have received an ETL listing to UL Subject 2703, which establishes safety and performance requirements for PV mounting systems.

The certification includes modules from Canadian Solar, Chaori Solar, ET Solar, Gloria Solar, Helios Solar Works, LDK Solar, Mitsubishi Electric, Motech, MX Solar and Suniva.

The systems were certified by Intertek for their mechanical strength, durability, and ability to electrically bond and ground modules included in the listing, PanelClaw says. The company adds that its partners can now establish ETL-certified electric bonds between all connected array components, including modules and mounting system components, and eliminate the need for the vast majority of ground lugs and wire.

According to the company, its Polar Bear FR, Grizzly Bear FR and Panda Bear GM flat-roof and ground-mount systems can reduce grounding costs by $0.02-0.06/W.

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