PanelClaw Receives UL 2703 Electric Bonding And Grounding Certification


PanelClaw, a provider of solar PV mounting systems, says it has received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) electrical bonding and grounding certification for its module mounting components. This certification is expected to reduce grounding costs for solar arrays mounted with PanelClaw's Polar Bear FR, Grizzly Bear FR and Panda Bear GM flat-roof and ground-mount products.

Certification will eliminate the need for thousands of feet of copper wire and the vast majority of module and racking ground lugs, Panel Claw says. Multiple strings can now be grounded with a single grounding lug when PanelClaw racking is used in conjunction with appropriately UL-tested and listed modules.

UL 2703 is a new UL subject that is specifically focused on rack mounting systems and clamping devices for PV modules. PanelClaw's module attachment components were subjected to rigorous testing, including temperature and humidity cycling, followed by electrical resistance and conductance analysis, to ensure durable electrical bonding in outdoor environments.Â

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