Partners Eye Development of 50 MW of Solar in Minnesota


Nokomis Energy and Rosemawr Sustainable Infrastructure Management say they are partnering on the deployment of more than 50 MW of solar power across Minnesota, in a portfolio consisting of 30 projects.

“We partnered with Rosemawr because of their long-term commitment to developing community-based infrastructure,” says Nokomis Energy’s Brendan Dillon. “Minnesota is our home, and the communities we work with are our own, so that is a critical factor in our approach.”

“Nokomis has built a proven model for developing clean energy solutions that optimize the benefits for the communities where they are deployed,” adds Rosemawr’s Josh Herlands. “They are an ideal partner for us as we continue our push to build out and invest in sustainable infrastructure projects by working with best in-class local developers.”

Nokomis Energy was founded in 2017 to help the people, businesses and communities of the Upper Midwest benefit from the transition to a clean energy economy. The Nokomis team brings several decades of national experience in successful clean energy development to the region, which has led to the development of over 50 MW of solar energy locally.

Rosemawr is an alternative investment management firm focused on the municipal, not-for-profit, charter school and sustainable infrastructure sectors.

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