Partnership To Develop Lithium Sulfur Solar Energy Storage System


A consortium of energy companies has formed to develop solar energy storage systems for military applications that will also be adapted for the commercial and residential markets.

The partnership, which consists of Lincad, Oxis Energy, Pure Wafer and Solutronic, says it has embarked on a program to incorporate rugged and lightweight solar panels, electronics and new generation battery technology.

Lincad, a supplier of batteries for the defense industry, will integrate the product with its battery management system. Oxis Energy will supply its lithium sulfur cell technology. Pure Wafer will contribute its military solar panel. Solutronic will supply the electronics for interconnecting solar panels, batteries and equipment.

‘Combining our expertise in this way will allow these systems to be easily and quickly deployed,’ says Oxis Energy CEO Huw Hampson-Jones.

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