Pasan Co. Releases Space Solar Panel Tester


The Pasan Co., a 100% subsidiary of 3S Industries AG, has developed a special solar panel tester for Thales Alenia Space, a developer of satellites and components for space technology.

According to the company, the new device accurately simulates the characteristics of the sun in space. This quality guarantees that only the most productive panels are put into operation to supply satellites with energy, thus ensuring the longevity of the satellites. Terrestrial customers also benefit from the newly developed advanced technology, as expertise from the project will be directly employed in the development of new products – in particular, in the area of thin-film technology.

Thales Alenia Space usually tests the output of reference panels with the help of a balloon at a height of about 10,000 m. With Pasan's new tester, the company can now test an entire series of panels on the ground. The newly developed tester flashes light onto up to 20 square-meter panels with an intensity that is 1.4 times greater than light on Earth.

3S Industries AG: 41 0323911111

SOURCE: 3S Industries AG

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