Pason Power, CPS Offer Integrated C&I Energy Storage Solution


Pason Power, a provider of adaptive intelligent software for energy assets, and Chint Power Systems (CPS), a manufacturer of solar and energy storage power conversion equipment, have announced a new partnership.

CPS has chosen Pason Power’s software to be integrated into its energy storage system for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers.

The integrated energy storage solution fosters a simplified, single-source procurement process for customers, according to the partners. Additionally, hardware and software arrive pre-built and pre-configured, making it easier for developers to install. By pre-integrating with CPS’ energy storage solution, Pason Power’s platform can accurately model anticipated operating parameters, yielding more precise results.

“The integration of the Pason Power platform with the CPS systems gives customers the ability to confidently size, procure and install intelligent energy storage systems, while also providing faster delivery times and cost certainty,” comments Enrico Ladendorf, managing director of Pason Power.

“As C&I energy and sustainability managers seek greater control over their energy use, interest in energy storage is skyrocketing,” notes Ricardo Rodriguez, research analyst at Navigant Research. “To unlock the next level of value in the C&I storage market, stakeholders are exploiting cumulative advances in software and analytics to enable the bundling of grid applications to stack up multiple value streams. Balancing this complexity will require sophisticated analytical and system control capabilities to ensure an energy storage system provides maximum value and maintains peak performance for as long as possible.”

The systems are designed for demand-charge reduction, time-of-use shifting, PV self-consumption and backup-power applications. Available in 30 kW / 65 kWh or 60 kW / 130 kWh solutions, the turnkey UL 9540-certified systems are now available.

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