Paying For Green Power In Ohio


The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) has approved a proposal to allow residential customers of FirstEnergy Ohio to purchase power from renewable sources.

The Associated Press reports that FirstEnergy's customers, through the new Green Pricing Option, can purchase a monthly minimum of 200 kWh of credits from renewable energy sources including wind, microhydro and solar power. The monthly cost would be $3 for a 200 kWh purchase; PUCO estimates the average Ohio residence generates 850 kWh per month.

However, this is not a direct purchase of renewable energy. Instead, the funds raised through the Green Pricing Option, will go to expanding FirstEnergy Ohio's ‘green-based’ kilowatt hours to its existing grid.

PUCO and FirstEnergy did not announce when the Green Pricing Option will be formally introduced. This is the third program of its kind in Ohio – Duke Energy Corp. has a similar program in place and American Electric Power is introducing its program in September.

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