Perlast Now Provides Seals To Thin-Film Solar Market


Perlast, a designer and manufacturer of perfluoroelastomer sealing solutions, says it is leveraging its 15 years' experience in manufacturing seals for the flat-panel display industry to enter the thin-film solar market. With similar manufacturing processes employed in the two industries, Perlast plans to offer its seals to thin-film solar panel manufacturers.

Employing a number of vacuum-based processes, from PECVD silicon deposition to lamination of the finished module, thin-film solar panel manufacture creates extreme operating conditions and distinct requirements. Perlast's custom materials minimize contamination and offer chemical resistance, increased seal life expectancy and reduced cost of ownership, according to the company.

Particularly suitable for solar panel manufacture, Perlast G76W offers plasma gas resistance, chemical resistance and a low compression set for advanced sealing performance. FKM-grade V74C also offers a low compression set and superior heat aging properties, the company adds. The product has been engineered to retain its mechanical properties significantly longer than conventional FKM grades, even under extreme temperature cycling, thereby providing increased service life and significantly lowering the cost of ownership.

SOURCE: Perlast

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