Petersen-Dean Introduces SmarterRoof


Petersen-Dean Roofing and Solar Systems has launched SmarterRoof, which incorporates a specially designed light-color tile and Energy Star coating that reflect the sun's rays to keep building temperatures cooler, while rooftop solar panels provide power to the home or commercial building.

On a summer day, a typical roof can heat up to more than 170 degrees by absorbing heat from the sun, raising temperatures by as much as 30 degrees, the company notes. Buildings with dark roofs that absorb the sun's rays also have higher operating costs, and their roofs deteriorate faster than ones that reflect sunrays.

The SmarterRoof also features environmentally friendly materials, and most of the components can be recycled at the end of the product's life, Petersen-Dean adds.

In addition, the solar PV panels and environmentally friendly materials make the SmarterRoof a green choice, and most of the roofing materials can also be recycled at the end of the roof's life.

Petersen-Dean: (800) 564-0362

SOURCE: Petersen-Dean

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