Petra Solar Introduces International Versions Of SunWave Products


Petra Solar, a Southfield, N.J.-based clean technology company, has introduced international versions of its SunWave family of solar products. The SunWave Energy Solution for international markets features a new Smart Energy Module (SEM) – the brain of the SunWave system – designed to convert solar photovoltaic DC electricity to 230 V AC while supporting electric grid reliability in international regions, including the Pacific Rim, Europe and the Middle East.

SunWave SEM devices are integrated with high-efficiency PV modules and deployed as a solar AC module to provide solar energy directly to the electric grid 230 V secondary power line.

According to the company, the system has been certified to international grid standards including CE, IEC62109, G83, AS/NZS3100 and AS4777 for safety and electrical compliance.

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