PG&E Unveils Solar-Powered Billboard


Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has unveiled a solar-powered billboard in San Francisco as part of the utility's new advertising campaign, titled ‘We Can Do This,’ which features information about a variety of programs and services PG&E offers that reflect the company's commitment to the environment.

‘With this solar-powered billboard – the nation's first – we increase the amount of clean, renewable energy we provide our customers,’ says Greg Pruett, senior vice president of corporate relations at PG&E. ‘We also hope to capture the imagination of Americans about the actionable steps one can take to reduce their environmental impact.’

The billboard is prominently located at 1000 Brannan Street in San Francisco, visible from the Highway 101 9th Street exit. It is outfitted with 20 solar modules that can provide up to 3.4 kW of renewable solar energy to the PG&E grid. The system features solar panels from SunTech Power and a Fronius IG 3000 grid-tie inverter.

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