Phono Solar Introduces AC Photovoltaic Module


Phono Solar, a producer of monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar modules, has launched an AC module. The company says the module eliminates the need for DC wiring and centralized power inverters while offering improved productivity, reliability and performance over DC modules.

Each AC module is coupled with an inverter that converts DC power to usable AC power instantly without a centralized inverter. The modules include pre-manufactured cables and are delivered ready for connection, thus enabling fast and inexpensive mounting, Phono Solar says.

The unit features stainless-steel hardware and no cooling vents – which means the product remains clean and dry on the inside, reducing system upkeep for enhanced reliability, the company adds. Every AC module is maximum power point tracked for optimal performance.

Inverter peak efficiency is 95.8%, and CEC weighed efficiency is 94.5%, according to the company. An optional communication hub monitors each panel independently and manages shading.

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