Photon Energy Builds Hybrid Solar Energy Storage System For Australian Broadcaster


Netherlands-based Photon Energy has built a hybrid solar and energy storage system for Australia-based BAI Group that enables it to operate a broadcast tower 24 hours a day with self-generated electricity. The pilot project received support from the German Energy Agency.

The solar-plus-storage system for the Muswellbrook tower in New South Wales consists of 156 Q Cells Q-PRO G3 255 W solar panels, 72 BAE Secura batteries (supplied by R+J batteries), three SMA 8.0H Sunny Island inverters, a Photon Energy monitoring system and a diesel back-up generator for emergencies. The PV system has a capacity of 39 kW. The storage system has a capacity of 216 kWh.

Primarily used for local radio broadcasts, the tower facility is also used by local emergency services for communications during bushfires and floods. BAI says it is considering a network-wide rollout of the technology across Australia.

For more information on how solar generation can be combines with energy storage for self-sustaining commercial power, visit the Hybrid Energy Innovations website here.

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