Photovoltaic Solar Cells Inc. Develops Graphite/Graphene Solar Cell


Fort Pierce, Fla.-headquartered Photovoltaic Solar Cells Inc. has created a dye doped graphite/graphene-only solar cell. This solar cell will be produced using the production tool that the company is building. This equipment can produce either a solar cell or a solar strip that can be used as a roofing tile.

According to the company, this new solar cell is inexpensive, environmentally friendly, reliable and durable. It can be walked on and it is flexible. The company is currently working on a way to regenerate the cell after years in service at the site where the cells are in use to produce add-on revenues.

Over the past 12 years, management has worked with dye doped TiO2, CIGS materials, CdTe CdS materials, a-Si materials, Si materials and a Si graphite/graphene blend.

SOURCE: Photovoltaic Solar Cells Inc.

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