Picosun Launches P-1000 Large-Scale Batch ALD Reactor


Finland-based atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment manufacturer Picosun Oy has launched its PICOSUN P-1000 large-scale batch ALD reactor, the latest in a series. The company says the P-1000 system shares the same core construction as the smaller PICOSUN tools.

The PICOSUN P-1000 batch ALD reactor's deposition chamber can be supplied according to the customer's specified substrate size. As square, the maximum cross section of the chamber is 470 mm x 470 mm, and as circular, the maximum diameter is 600 mm. The maximum height of the chamber is 700 mm.

Picosun claims that when using an aluminum oxide process on 400 mm x 600 mm glass sheets in a batch of 30 pieces, the P-1000 achieves a film thickness non-uniformity of 1.55% while maintaining a temperature distribution non-uniformity of ± 2 degrees C inside the reaction chamber.

Picosun says the P-1000's square chamber is capable of coating batches of 450 mm diameter silicon wafers or batches of large glass or metal sheets. Also, smaller silicon wafers or 156 mm x 156 mm square solar wafers can be processed with their own sample holders, the company says. Alternatively, when equipped with the cylindrical reaction chamber, the system is able to process large batches of 3D objects.

The P-1000 system comes with a separate electronics and precursor source cabinet. Eight separate precursor manifolds and software capable of controlling 12 individual precursor sources enable flexible processes and materials selection, Picosun says.

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