Pika Energy Receives UL Listing For X3001 Solar Inverter


Pika Energy, based in Portland, Maine, says it has received listing to Underwriters Laboratories' (UL) 1741 standard for its 3 kW residential-scale X3001 inverter.

The inverter is a component of Pika's clean energy system that converts direct current energy generated from a solar array or wind turbine to alternating current energy, which can be used locally or exported to the electric grid.

‘This is a key milestone in our path to commercialization and will help us provide homeowners access to flexible, reliable clean energy systems that aren't limited to one form of clean energy,’ explains Joshua Kaufman, co-founder and director of research and development at Pika Energy.

The inverter can be used with hybrid renewable energy systems. All energy devices connect to the X3001 via REbus DC microgrid, a power distribution platform operating at 380 VDC.

Pika products will be available for sale in North America in mid-2013, the company says.

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