Pineapple Energy Acquires SUNation Installer


Pineapple Energy Inc., a provider of sustainable solar energy and back-up power to households and small businesses, has acquired SUNation Energy, a New York-based installer of solar and battery energy storage systems for residential and small commercial customers.

Over the course of almost 8,000 projects since inception, SUNation has installed over 275,000 solar panels representing 92 MW of power.

Founder Scott Maskin will continue to manage SUNation in New York. He will engage current and future acquisitions in core value alignment and be appointed to Pineapple’s board of directors. SUNation’s Chief Growth Officer Jim Brennan will move into a strategic role at Pineapple Energy, leading the corporate development function, where he will help execute the strategic vision for both organic and M&A-driven growth.

“We’re thrilled to announce the SUNation acquisition, which is a fantastic complement to our Hawaii Energy Connection and E-Gear acquisitions which closed alongside our merger into a publicly traded company earlier this year,” says Kyle Udseth, CEO of Pineapple Energy. “This acquisition is an indication of the growth potential inherent in our strategy of consolidating and building a nationwide solar, battery storage and home energy management business.”

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