Pivot Point Develops Fastening Tech For Photovoltaics Applications


Pivot Point Inc. has invented a new quick-locking pin, called the SLIC Pin, that functions as both a pin and cotter. SLIC is an acronym for Self-Locking Implanted Cotter, and the name implies that the pin is secure and self-locking through the use of an implanted plunger (locking detent) that functions as a self-contained cotter pin.

The pin features a solid, spring-loaded, wedge-shaped plunger that combines ease of use with secure fastening for PV applications, the company says. Once fully inserted, the plunger springs back up, locking the pin into the application. The vertical face at the rear of the plunger prevents the pin from backing out.

The SLIC Pin can be configured to suit individual applications, and it can be produced in a clevis-pin head style, grab-ring style or other styles. Various pin materials and finishes are also available.

Pivot Point: (800) 222-2231

SOURCE: Pivot Point

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