Plextronics Receives Funding To Develop Organic Solar Cells


Plextronics, a Pittsburgh-based developer of polymer solar cells and other products for printed electronic devices, has received $750,000 in funding from the Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) of Central Eastern Pennsylvania to further develop photovoltaic (PV) technology for organic solar cells. SEF promotes renewable energy initiatives and enterprises to benefit Pennsylvania residents.

According to the company, organic solar cells use thin layers of plastic semiconductors, instead of silicon, to absorb light and create electricity. They can be lightweight and flexible, and can operate in low-light conditions. In addition, the semiconductors can be printed like inks, resulting in a lower cost of production.

‘The SEF of Central Eastern Pennsylvania is leading the way in efforts to create a diversified energy base by investing in new technologies that will have a dramatic impact on the industry, improve the environment and create jobs,’ says Andrew Hannah, Plextronics' president and chief executive officer.

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