Poll Shows Overwhelming Support For Ontario Green Energy Act


A vast majority of Ontarians support Ontario's proposed Green Energy Act, according to a public opinion poll released by a coalition of environmental groups, farmers, labor unions and industry associations.

Eighty-seven percent of respondents say they support the proposed Green Energy Act. The poll shows support is widespread across the province, with the highest support in Northern Ontario (93%) and Toronto (89%).

‘It's not surprising that a majority of Ontario would support the Green Energy Act,’ says Deb Doncaster, executive director of the Community Power Fund. ‘It puts Ontarians ahead of the game in protecting the environment and investing in the green economy. What is surprising is how widespread the support is. In every region of Ontario, there is strong support for the Green Energy Act.’

The poll also shows strong support in regions where proposed renewable energy projects are considered controversial. Both Scarborough and Essex County residents showed high levels of support for the Green Energy Act: 92% and 86%, respectively.

For more information, visit www.greenenergyact.ca.

SOURCE: Green Energy Act Alliance

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