Poll Shows Strong Support For Solar Power In Hawaii


A new opinion poll commissioned by The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC) suggests Hawaiian Electric (HECO) is an obstacle to the adoption of rooftop solar power in the island state.

According to the poll, 94% of Hawaii residents support more rooftop solar, while 90% believe HECO is blocking solar installations to protect its existing business model.

The poll, conducted by Honolulu-based polling firm SMS, says most residents are very familiar with and supportive of rooftop solar; a third have family members with solar, and more than half have neighbors with solar.

TASC says fewer than half of those surveyed have a favorable opinion of HECO, while 95% have a favorable view of solar power companies. Interconnection issues have been seen as a drag on the adoption of solar power in Hawaii.

‘While it should be a point of pride that Hawaii has the highest solar per capita in the country, it shouldn't give us any reason to slow down,’ says Jon Yoshimura, a Hawaii spokesperson for TASC. ‘The people of Hawaii clearly want and expect more rooftop solar, and are looking to both HECO and to policymakers to advance policies that help increase access for homes and businesses.’

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