Power-One Introduces Aurora String Combiners For Solar PV Systems


Power-One Inc., a provider of power conversion and management solutions, has introduced its Aurora String Combiners. These commercial-grade products support paralleling and integrated current measurement for up to 20 photovoltaic strings.

Additional features include: 200 VDC to 850 VDC input range; fuse protection for both positive and negative connections; over-voltage protection with a replaceable varistor cartridge; IP65-rated enclosures; and a 0% to 95% relative-humidity operating range. Options include an integrated DC-output switch and analog inputs for up to four external sensors, the company says.

Aurora String Combiners support remote monitoring, via RS-485 communications, of a comprehensive range of critical operating parameters, including string currents, array voltage, fuse status, internal temperature, environmental sensor readings and over-voltage protection status.

Power-One: (866) 513-2839

SOURCE: Power-One

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