Power-One Launches AURORA Vision Monitoring Solution


Power-One Inc., a provider of power conversion and power management solutions, has introduced AURORA Vision, which enables the monitoring and control of solar installations.

‘The AURORA Vision products and services are designed to maximize uptime, increase the return on investment and, thereby, give operators the necessary peace of mind,’ says Paolo Casini, vice president of product marketing at Power-One.

AURORA Vision software features a range of functionalities to maximize energy output, including fault management, diagnostics, asset tracking, performance indexing and alerting services. The hardware segment of AURORA Vision offers equipment such as the AURORA Universal System, a data management platform installed on the PV system.

Power-One adds that AURORA Vision accessories include AURORA Smart Combiners for eight, 12 and 16 strings, and AURORA Environmental Units, which measure temperature, irradiance and other environmental conditions.

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