Power-One PV Inverters To Be Employed In Isolux Corsan Solar Project


Isolux Corsan has selected Aurora PVI-Central inverters from Power-One Inc. for use in what will be Spain's largest PV power installation. One hundred 300 kW commercial inverters will be installed before September 2008 to process over 34 MW of solar power in this 180-acre installation.

Aurora PVI-Central inverters are available in configurations from 50 kW to 300 kW and feature high-speed maximum power point tracking channels and industry-leading efficiencies to optimize energy harvesting across a wide range of operating conditions, the company says. These commercial-grade products are delivered pre-configured and pre-tested, reducing on-site installation wiring and testing.
‘These products can provide up to a 2.3 percent performance-ratio advantage compared to other commercial solutions, resulting in an additional 9,000 kWh per year for each inverter,’ says Paolo Casini, Power-One's alternative energy marketing director. ‘With 100 inverters in this installation, almost 1 MWh of added power can be generated annually.’

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