PowerOptions, Solect Partner on Large-Scale Solar


PowerOptions, the largest energy-buying consortium in New England, has expanded its relationship with Solect Energy to offer large-scale solar and storage to its members.

Solect, one of the top 10 commercial solar developers in the U.S., has been PowerOptions’ partner for the Small Systems Solar Program for more than four years and will continue in that role, as well.

Solect Energy is now able to offer solar photovoltaic (PV) and storage solutions of any size to PowerOptions’ members looking to reduce their electricity costs and transition to renewable energy resources. Offerings include rooftop solar energy systems, solar canopies for parking lots, ground mounts, net metering solutions and battery storage systems. Solect’s solar+storage on-site power purchase agreements (PPA) will provide an offset of peak demand charges when utility power is most expensive. Additionally, the program will secure incentives and cost-savings through utility, state and ISO New England programs available for solar and battery configurations.

“Solect is proud to partner with PowerOptions to bring the financial benefits of solar to those that otherwise might not be able to benefit,” says Ken Driscoll, CEO of Solect Energy.

“Solect has earned the trust and confidence of PowerOptions and its members over the past four years, and we look forward to extending that strong working relationship to even more PowerOptions members,” he adds.

PowerOptions’ membership comprises more than 450 members from nonprofit organizations and public entities such as state agencies, cities, towns and schools across Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Every PowerOptions program is subject to a competitive procurement process. Leveraging the collective demand of the consortium allows PowerOptions to negotiate contract agreements with energy solutions providers that provide its members with optimal pricing and strong customer protections. Programs include competitive supply for electricity, natural gas and solar – among others.

Through PowerOptions’ partnership with Solect, members can contract for solar+storage PPAs, at building sites and offsite locations. PPAs are a highly effective tool for municipal, state and nonprofits that are not eligible for the federal Investment Tax Credit, enabling those entities to not invest capital yet still receive the benefits of solar and storage systems for their facilities.

Under the PowerOptions Small Systems Solar Program, Solect has installed more than 80 projects totaling 15 MW of solar energy, saving tens of millions of dollars over the life of the agreement for cities, towns, schools, state agencies and nonprofits in Massachusetts. The Small Systems Solar Program applies to solar energy systems of less than 300 kW capacity and this program will continue in conjunction with the Large-Scale Solar program.

Photo: A Solect Energy Massachusetts solar project

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