PPA Partners Developing Five-Technology Solar Array


PPA Partners Inc., based in Morgan Hill, Calif., has teamed with Arizona Western College to develop a 5 MW multi-technology solar project on Arizona Western College's Yuma, Ariz., campus.

The 5 MW deployment will include five solar technologies: high-concentration solar, low-concentration solar, thin-film PV, monocrystalline silicon PV and polycrystalline silicon PV.

Technology partners are still being finalized, but Sol Focus, Skyline Solar, Signet Solar, Del Solar, Canadian Solar, Ray Tracker and Satcon are all in discussions with PPA Partners for inclusion in the project, PPA Partners says.

‘From the multiple technologies that will keep pace with changes in the industry to the constant data that will be available both in the classroom and to manufacturers, this array has the potential to not only change the face of the economy in Yuma, but to impact solar education and research on a national and global level,’ states Arizona Western College President Dr. Marc Nigliazzo.

PPA Partners is in the process of negotiating with its financial partners and anticipates final funding for the project in the next 60 days.

SOURCE: PPA Partners

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