Primrose Solar Acquires 5 MW Merston Solar Farm In U.K.


U.K.-based Primrose Solar has acquired half of the 5 MW Merston solar farm, with Mongoose Energy set to acquire the other half.

Once complete, the Merston solar farm should qualify under the U.K.'s new shared-ownership framework for renewable energy projects. The solar farm is well screened from residents and public viewpoints.

The two project sites of 10 hectares each were developed by Solstice Renewables. Solarcentury has been selected to build the solar farm, and construction will begin shortly. Primrose Solar will operate the 5 MW site as a commercial project and as part of its portfolio of U.K. solar farms.

"Merston is likely to be one of the U.K.'s first solar farms to be built under the government's new shared-ownership framework,’ says Giles Clark, CEO of Primrose Solar. ‘However, it's a shame that reductions in the feed-in tariff and changes in government policy mean that very few shared-ownership solar farms will get built. We see this sort of commercial-community partnership as a key way for the industry to grow in a sustainable way.’

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