Prince Albert II Of Monaco To Visit SolarWorld Group


Prince Albert II of Monaco is scheduled to visit SolarWorld AG as part of his state visit to Germany. Accompanied by the Prime Minister of Saxony, Georg Milbradt, the prince will view the manufacturing facilities of SolarWorld Group in Freiberg.

In addition to visiting the silicon-wafer and solar-cell production plants, the prince has planned to meet with SolarWorld management to discuss joint projects for the use of solar technology in developing countries, SolarWorld notes.

‘Two billion people worldwide have no access to the power grid. Solar energy is often the only chance for these people to obtain electrical lighting, to refrigerate medicines or to operate water pumps,’ says Frank H. Asbeck, chairman and CEO of SolarWorld. ‘We hope to be able to promote new projects for the dissemination of solar technology in developing countries in cooperation with the principality.’

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