Princeton Inverters Selected For Solar Storage And Grid Regulation Application


Princeton Power Systems Inc., a developer of embedded software for energy management applications, has been chosen by Bysolar Inc. to provide a 500 kW battery inverter system for frequency regulation and emergency backup power.

Bysolar is working in conjunction with Princeton Power Systems and Axion to create a battery system alongside a 575 kW solar PV system in northern New Jersey. Integrated with Bysolar's solar system installation, Princeton Power's 500 kW inverter and Axion Power's 300 kWh of batteries moderate the power transients typical from solar production and provide power in case of a grid outage.

"The ability to handle the repetitive high current charging and discharging in response to [grid operator] PJM's regulating signal provides a robust capability for frequency regulation and automatic demand response activity," says Alan Cowe, president of Bysolar.

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