Princeton Properties Management, groSolar Install PV At Multifamily Communities


Princeton Properties Management Inc., an owner and manager of apartment communities, has partnered with ING Clarion and groSolar to install two new photovoltaic projects at Princeton Properties' apartment complexes.

The first installation is a 200 kW solar project at Boston Road, a multifamily housing community in Billerica, Mass. The second is an 82 kW solar installation at Princeton Commons, a multifamily housing community in Chelmsford, Mass.

‘These projects are a great example of how solar is scalable, able to power the smallest home to a multi-dwelling complex,’ says Jeff Wolfe, CEO of groSolar.

groSolar estimated that the use of solar energy at the two newest installation properties would save a total of $53,000 annually in electricity costs. The projects will benefit from incentives and credits provided by both state-funded Commonwealth Solar and the federal government.

SOURCE: groSolar

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