PROINSO To Supply Equipment For 3 MW PV Project In Belgium


PROINSO, part of the OPDE Group, has been awarded a contract by Belgium-based engineering firm Nizet to supply modules, inverters and fixed structures for a 3 MW solar farm in Ivarem, Belgium. PROINSO will also provide advice on engineering and design optimization.

Under the contract, PROINSO will provide 3 MW of Trina Solar TSM-PC05 235 W modules (with an efficiency of 14.4%), 270 SMA inverters (SMC11000TL equipment), 266 MECASOLAR fixed structures (model MS-2CFIX), and communications and monitoring equipment from SMA.

According to the company, the new plant will represent 3% of the Belgian solar photovoltaic market, whose facilities represent 100 MW of the total output installed in the country. Launch of the Ivarem photovoltaic solar power plant is scheduled for December.


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