ProLogis Begins Second Tranche Of 100 MW Solar Project


ProLogis, a global provider of distribution facilities, has begun the second phase of its 100 MW solar project with Southern California Edison (SCE) after signing new leases for roof space totaling 4.8 million square feet and a system totaling approximately 25 MW.

As announced in May, ProLogis signed a master agreement with SCE to provide up to 100 MW of photovoltaic installations to the utility through its rooftop solar program. Now, the companies have signed new roof leases for the second tranche of the master agreement that covers 4.8 million square feet of roof space across eight buildings.

‘With these projects under way, we have now doubled our global renewable energy portfolio from 25 MW to approximately 50 MW,’ says Drew Torbin, vice president of renewable energy for ProLogis.

ProLogis' total partnership with SCE now totals 38 MW of solar energy, which includes installations from the first tranche of this master agreement as well as a pilot project completed in 2008. As with prior projects between the two companies, SCE will own and operate the system, and all generated power will feed directly into the utility's electrical system to serve its customers. ProLogis will act as the site host and provide development-management services. Construction is expected to commence this fall.

SOURCE: ProLogis

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