Prometheus Power Uses Solar FlexRack on Utah Project


Solar FlexRack says its Series B Cast-In-Place (CIP) ballasted mounting solution has been installed in a 4.7 MW community solar project in Spanish Fork, Utah.

The project, which is managed by Utah Municipal Power Agency, is the largest landfill solar project in the state. Prometheus Power, a development, engineering and finance firm, built the project on a 27-acre site that was unusable for commercial development.

This is Solar FlexRack’s first project in Utah and is expected to be operational this summer.

Solar FlexRack’s Series B CIP mounting technology was selected for this project due to its unique design, complete with customizable blocks as well as a two-support system that reduces block thickness. Lighter ballasts and greater flexibility for array profiles onsite also translate to reduced project costs. This mounting solution also has internal bracing and fewer components, making it faster and easier to install, the company says.

“We are pleased to work with Solar FlexRack, who provided cradle-to-grave project support, as well as the precise, high-quality mounting product required to execute our vision for this impactful landfill solar project,” says Brok Thayn of Prometheus Power.

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