PSE&G Completes PV Project At Headquarters


Public Service Electric and Gas Co. (PSE&G) has completed a rooftop solar installation at the utility's central division headquarters in Somerset, N.J. The 900 kW system is one of six large solar systems that PSE&G is erecting on company-owned properties as part of its $515 million Solar 4 All program.

The project features all U.S.-made panels: 648 traditional crystalline solar panels and 4,180 Solyndra cylindrical thin-film solar panels. The panels generate extra electricity from the building's new white, reflective cool roof, offering a conservation benefit and power generation capability on the same rooftop, PSE&G notes.

Solis Partners was responsible for the design, engineering and deployment of both the white cool roof and solar PV systems for the project.

SOURCE: Public Service Electric & Gas Co.

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