PSE&G Seeking Sites For Roof-Mounted And Ground-Mounted Solar Systems


Public Service Electric and Gas Co. (PSE&G), a New Jersey-based utility, is now accepting proposals for its Solar 4 All Program's Third-Party-Owned Segment.

The utility is soliciting proposals from developers and third-party-owned sites for the development of 5 MW of roof- and ground-mounted solar systems to be owned by PSE&G. Solar developers, together with owners of real estate located in the utility's electric service territory, will propose sites for solar installations.

Owners will receive rent for roof-, building- and ground-mounted solar systems installed on their properties and connected directly into the electric grid. The area to be used for the solar installations must be able to accommodate a 500 kW or greater solar system and should be no greater than 2 MW, the utility says. Typically, a 500 kW system requires 50,000 square feet of unobstructed roof space.

The current proposal's Open Season will remain open until the close of business on Dec. 11. Details, program rules and proposal documents are available here.

SOURCE: Public Service Electric and Gas Co.

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