PV Companies Launch Solar Purchasing Group


A group of industry firms has launched Solar Purchasing Group LLC (SPG), a North Carolina-based group that will operate under cooperative purchasing principles.

Member companies are able to collectively assert greater purchasing leverage for the materials and components they need, such as glass, cells, backsheets, junction boxes, stringing material and peripheral materials, according to the group. All discounts are negotiated before member companies make purchases, based on the amount of material/components the SPG members require collectively.Â

SPG says is already negotiating purchasing contracts with material producers, vendors and distributors. Based on the buying habits of the individual member companies, the group will have pricing tiers offering different discount levels.

In addition, SPG plans to contribute to materials standardization and certification by providing the purchasing group with a platform to provide feedback to vendors, helping to raise efficiencies within member companies' PV fabs, while lowering production costs.Â

To become a member, companies will pay a $5,000 initiation fee and annual membership fee. Sponsorship programs and related events aimed at members and vendors will be offered as SPG develops.

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