PV Evolution Labs, Black & Veatch Offering PV Module Performance Models


PV Evolution Labs and Black & Veatch have partnered to offer what the companies say are the industry's first third-party PAN file generation and validation services. PAN files are a critical step in producing accurate models of a PV project's performance and value, the companies explain.

Each solar panel has unique operational characteristics that dictate how efficient it will be in various environmental conditions. Two solar panels may have different performance at low light or elevated temperatures, even if they have identical nameplate power ratings. This behavior can greatly impact the energy yield and cashflow of a power plant, according to the companies. Therefore, each module must have a characteristic software file – a PAN file – that is used to model performance.

Traditionally, module PAN files are generated from the limited data available on the product data sheet. This PAN file can lead to undervaluing a project by several percent, PV Evolution Labs and Black & Veatch note. The new PAN file validation service is designed to allow for more accurate plant valuation and accelerate the independent engineering review of solar projects.

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