PV Module Maker alfasolar GmbH Applies For Insolvency


alfasolar GmbH, a German PV module manufacturer, has announced that it filed for preliminary insolvency on April 24.

The County Court Hanover appointed Manuel Sack from the law office Brinkmann & Partner as preliminary insolvency administrator. alfasolar says production and business operations will continue, and management and employees will work to reposition the company.

alfasolar, which claims the German solar sector is ‘in dangerous waters,’ joins other domestic solar companies that have recently filed for insolvency, such as Sovello GmbH, Soltecture GmbH and Q-Cells SE.

Nonetheless, Martin Denz, founder and CEO of alfasolar, remains optimistic.

‘In the current situation, we have the chance to reposition ourselves and to set the course for a successful future," Denz says." I personally appreciate every customer and every employee who is willing to stand aside alfasolar. As before, my vision is: Solar Made in Germany is possible – now more than ever!’

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