PV Mounting Firm UniRac Initiates Environmental Program


UniRac, a specialist in PV mounting architecture for the solar market, has launched a program called the EcoRac Initiative – a five-point plan aimed at reducing the company's carbon footprint and promoting environmental accountability in the solar mounting industry.

The EcoRac Initiative will consist of the following:

  • For qualifying partners, UniRac will offer a twice-yearly pickup program of their scrap aluminum, from which the proceeds will be donated to the Make it Right Foundation.

  • For selected purchases of UniRac mounting systems over a pre-determined amount, UniRac will donate a percentage of the purchase price to the Make it Right Foundation.

  • Increasing the use of recycled materials for manufacturing and product packaging.

  • Purchasing carbon credits to offset 100% of employee air travel.

  • A new employee subsidy program that will reimburse employees who carpool, take public transportation, bike to work or drive alternative-fuel vehicles. In addition, UniRac will offer employees a fitness subsidy to join a health club or participate in some form of physical fitness.

‘We commend UniRac and the leadership role they are taking in launching this important environmental program,’ says Scott Carlson, owner of Carlson Solar. ‘It is gratifying to see partners like UniRac being good stewards for environmental initiatives and helping us all to reduce our carbon footprint.’

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