PV Plant Commissioned In France; Sputnik Provides Inverters


Remy Bresteaux, a farmer in Lassay-les-Chateaux, a village in northwestern France, has commissioned a 205 kW solar power plant – the second-largest system in Bretagne. Bresteaux ordered the plant from France-based system supplier Solar Diffusion.

The company integrated 1,084 polycrystalline solar modules from Biohaus on the farm's two chicken-stall roofs. France's current tariff paid for power fed into the grid is 60 euro cents for every kilowatt-hour.

To finance and operate the solar plant, Bresteaux and his wife founded the company Solar Production Lassay together with Solar Diffusion. Central converters made by Sputnik Engineering AG convert the power of the solar modules into alternating current for the grid.
SOURCE: Sputnik Engineering AG

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