PV Power Plants 2009 Conference Focuses On Large-Scale Projects


PV Power Plants 2009, organized by Solarpraxis AG, will be held Dec. 10-11 in Las Vegas.

According to the organizers, this event is the first conference focusing exclusively on the large solar power plant market segment – systems requiring very high capital investment. The conference will address technology, project development and implementation, quality assurance, legal frameworks, financing, markets for large-scale facilities and their development, security and insurance.

Plenary sessions will be offered, along with workshops and discussion forums. Target attendee groups include chief executives, product managers and project developers from module and cell manufacturers; producers of inverters and power components; and suppliers of foundations, substructures, cabling and other components.

Planners, contractors, installers and engineers from involved engineering, construction and utility companies are also encouraged to attend.

For more information or to register, visit www.solarpraxis.de.

SOURCE: Solarpraxis AG

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