PV Powered Announces Availability Of New Data Monitoring System


PV Powered, a solar power generation technology provider headquartered in Bend, Ore., has released the PVM1010 data monitoring system, which is designed to help photovoltaic (PV) power system owners monitor and evaluate the performance of their systems.

According to the company, the PVM1010 data monitoring system provides owners with current and historical data, allowing them to see how their PV system is performing and helping them ensure that they are achieving the maximum energy harvest for their PV investment.

PV Powered also notes that the PVM1010 is the only data monitoring device on the market today that is designed to be installed directly inside a solar inverter. Installation of the data interface module inside the enclosure of the inverter provides a direct connection to the unit as well as protection from the elements.

The module also plugs into the owner's existing Internet connection via a standard CAT5 network cable and transmits system data to a secure server, where it is logged, analyzed and displayed.

‘Solar power systems need continuous monitoring to ensure that they are experiencing maximum system uptime and obtaining the highest possible energy yield,’ says Gregg Patterson, PV Powered president and CEO. ‘The PVM1010 and mypvpower.com are key to our efforts to build long-term relationships with our installer partners and their end customers.’

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