PV Powered Introduces Inverters Designed For Smaller Solar Installations


PV Powered is offering new inverters – the PVP1100, PVP2000, and PVP3000 – that are specially designed to provide maximum energy harvest for smaller PV installations.

The products are available in two different voltage ranges, to best fit the needs of a wide variety of installations. The Extended Voltage Range (115-500 VDC) products offer a low MPPT voltage and are an ideal choice for integration with next-generation low-voltage and building-integrated PV modules. The Standard Voltage Range (150-500 VDC) versions are optimized for traditional solar modules.

To monitor each system, units are available with or without a built-in multi-function display. They also include wired or wireless data monitoring, which provides access to current and historical system performance data through a customized online interface.

Production shipments of the PVP1100, PVP2000 and PVP3000 will begin in April. They are backed by a 10-year nationwide warranty.

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