PV Powered Releases Inverters For Commercial Solar Installations


PV Powered has added two products to its line of inverters for commercial solar installations: the PVP75kW and PVP100kW.

According to the company, the PV Powered engineering team identified potential system failure points during the design process. Since cables and connectors are responsible for many inverter failures, the PVP75kW and PVP100kW avoid them by using bus bars for all power connections. To eliminate inverter failures due to overheated electronic components, PV Powered designed a redundant thermal management system to reduce the potential for damage caused by extreme environmental conditions in the field.

Load-rated AC and DC disconnects; cable landing points that accommodate the largest NEC-compliant cables; cable entry options on the top, side, and bottom; and generous cable-bending space were also added to aid in the installation process. The inverters' built-in data monitoring enables commercial users and installers to observe the inverter's power output remotely, the company adds.

‘We have made a concerted effort to design long-term reliability into our products,’ says Dr. Steve Hummel, vice president of engineering at PV Powered. ‘Our design strategy is to minimize or eliminate long-term failure points.’

Production shipments of the PVP75kW and PVP100kW will begin in April. They are backed by a 10-year nationwide warranty, with extended warranties available.

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